"A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden" - Robert Southy


Kittens are fun loving, adorable, and make great family pets. How can we help them grow up to be healthy happy cats? The veterinarians at Highland Pointe Animal Hospital are excited to guide you through kitten ownership! Have a look through the list of topics that are important to cover with us when getting a new kitten or even to consider when preparing to add to the family.  

  • Vaccinating Your Kitten

  • Parasite Control – including heartworm disease and intestinal parasites

  • Diet and Nutrition – navigating the pet food industry

  • Socialization and Behaviour – important for cats too!

  • Environmental Enrichment

  • Dental Care – cats have teeth that need to be cared for too!

  • Spaying and Neutering

  • Emergencies – Is it an emergency? Do we need to see the vet?